Professional College 53
On the picturesque Bank of the Northern pond сity Bachmuth located buildings of educational institution vocational school. Wonderful and surprising history of this kind of forge workers.

Our history

Since 1955, the slogan of the state government "Cadres decide everything" – as a guide to action. The Council of Ministers of the USSR the order it creates in the Ukraine in the town of Artemivsk, vocational school № 13 on the basis of factory on processing of nonferrous metals with a contingent of 200 people. 

1956 – this is the first issue of the electrician of instrumentation, valcavallina-listoprokatchiki, fitters of electrical equipment of power plants and substations, analysts analysts, draftsmen-designers. 

Since 1964, the school continuously exhibited his work at ENEA, has been honored with medals and diplomas. 

In 1964, the school № 13 premenovanie in vocational school № 53 (explorers), the basic enterprise was the trust "Artemgeology".

In 2003, the city vocational school № 53 named "Artemovskiy professional Lyceum". In connection with the Charter amendments in December 2009, our institution was renamed in State educational institution "Artemovskiy professional Lyceum".

Our gains

The school has become a real forge of young workers of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR, and became one of the largest schools in Ukraine. Enrollment grew to 1,300 people. Trained more than 30 nationalities. The school had a new complex of academic buildings with well equipped classrooms, auditoriums, workshops, drill ground, laboratories, three dormitories, a dispensary. School, the only in Ukraine, Lenin awarded a diploma in honor of 100-anniversary from the birthday of Lenin.


Today the Lyceum is a multi, it prepares specialists in many professions for industrial enterprises in the city of Artemovsk district, and to sphere of service of the town. Your skill, professionalism and talent as a teacher give to his pupils masters of industrial training, teachers. 

Of them 4 teachers have the highest category, master 2/n i category, 2 master in/n 1 category.

Cook, who is that person?

"What kind of a profession, to cook – it's so easy, we are all preparing one way or another, and we all have a little chef. On the one hand – so."

But nevertheless, the cook is a real profession and to achieve her skill and recognition can be as difficult as in any other profession. And that's just at first glance it seems that the chef should be able to just in time to serve lunch to the table. In fact, the cook should be able to prepare tasty, fast and economical. Is the strength is not for everyone. A good cook is a valuable asset and is popular among superiors and clients.

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